Holy Spirit Synchronicity and Rabbit Holes

Written by Staci Sylvester

For at least a few months now I keep noticing a certain word pop up. Not every day, mind you, but enough to think “there it is again”. I assumed I kind of knew the definition by the context but I really wasn’t positive. Then I heard Dr. Jeremiah say the word in one of his programs on WFRN one day at work and my ears seriously perked. I had to look up the definition.
The quality of being well meaning; kindness
Isn’t it a pretty word? Kinda rolls off the tongue. And while I am no word geek, I have to admit I spent a little time thinking about this word and thinking about my own benevolence or lack thereof. I looked up benevolence references in the Bible and of course they were all over the place. After all, we serve the king of benevolence!
Then I typed:
What is a benevolent person? 
Someone who is benevolent genuinely wishes other people well, 
True benevolence is a desire to do good to others
I kept going back to three words: quality & genuine desire.
I have a genuine desire to show quality Christ-centered kindness.
You heckle my kid at little league.
Or gossip about me or my friends.
Or cut me off in traffic
My reactions sometimes show some pretty rotten, embarrassing fruit and the end result is feeling stuck in my walk a bit.
The thing is, I know people who are so super genuinely real and kind, and consistently cool no matter what negativity gets thrown their way, and I want more of that. I’ve started asking the Lord for more of it. But more importantly, I’m boldly going to the throne asking for the genuine (emphasis on genuine!) desire to be kind in even the difficult situations, not just because it’s what I’m supposed to do.
I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit synchronicity I have  as a believer. God kept dropping a word in my life until I went down a rabbit hole, and I came out with a new prayer and perspective on an old problem. Best Dad ever!


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