Trust & Obey

Have you ever tried to get 3 children out of the house in a hurry?
Three kids, 2 parents, 10 shoes, 5 jackets, everyone wants to bring a toy/book, something always gets left behind, there are a MILLION questions about where we're going, why we're going, who we're going with... And it never goes quickly!

We were trying to leave our house the other night to go on a Mystery Adventure as a family (going for ice cream at Flavor Freeze!), and in the 20 minutes it took to finally leave the house, I had the following conversation:

Me (super excited): Everyone grab your shoes, we're leaving!
Clara: Where are we going?
Me (still excited) : Don't worry about it - you'll find out when we get there!
David: Why can't we know?
Me (slightly less excited): You will know - but not until we get there! Faster, let's go!
Cora: Unicorn!
Me (distracted, trying to stay excited): Yes, get your unicorn! And shoes!
Clara: Can I bring a book?
Me (losing excitement quickly): No, it's a short drive. Why aren't your shoes on yet?
David: Where are we going...?
Me (over the excitement): Somewhere!! It's supposed to be a surprise... Can you just trust me and obey?!

And there it hit me between the eyes. Trust & Obey.  I had good things in store for my kids (hello, ice cream!!), and all I needed was for them to trust me and to put their shoes on.  But, being human, they wanted more info.

Aren't we like that with our Heavenly Father? Often He gives us a Word and we, like children, want to ask a million questions: Where are we going? Is this a good thing? Who is coming with? Can I bring something along? What's the plan? I felt in that moment an overwhelming need to apologize to both my kids (for losing patience) and to my God for often doing the same thing to Him.

Friends, we are called to Trust & Obey (Prov. 3:5-6). When we ask too many questions, we are essentially questioning the good will of the One who has given us the command. I get it, it's hard to obey when we don't have all the info. But that's what Trust is for! Trust is being confident in God's Goodness; in knowing that He will work for our good (Rom. 8:28)!

So, if you find yourself constantly questioning, it's time to start a conversation with God about Trust. Be open. Be honest. God can handle it. And even better, He can fix it! The closer you are to Him, the easier it is to Trust & Obey.

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