I’m Distracted, Lord help me get Re-Focused

I’m Distracted, Lord help me get Re-Focused
Written by Jonathan Wildes
There are many things that distract me and cause me to lose my focus on what's important, my walk with God! For me Distraction comes in all forms and from all directions, (Money, TV, Smartphones, the Internet, Social Media, Gaming Systems, Work, Food, and the worries of this life) but the result is the same each time. Distraction takes me off course, it either prevents me from experiencing something God has for me or puts me in the wrong position.

There are many examples of people getting distracted in the Bible that led to disastrous results for some of them! Here are a few examples: In the Old Testament…Samson allowed a relationship with Delilah to distract him from his purpose and it cost him his life. David’s lust and sexual sin with Bathsheba distracted him from his Kingly duties and caused him much heartache and affected his family. Eve was distracted by the serpent and ended up disobeying God's commands and led to the first sin and eventual death. In the New Testament…Martha (one of my favorite stories as a child), when Jesus and his disciples were visiting Mary and Martha’s home and Martha thought she had to make a huge meal and became distracted “with much serving” while Mary, her sister, took the time to sit at the feet of Jesus. Because Martha chose to busy herself on what she thought was more important, it caused her to miss out on Jesus teaching.

My biggest struggle with distractions is when I attempt to do my personal Quiet Time with the Lord! I will sit down to do my Q.T., grab my iPhone to use the Bible App. Herein lies the distraction! There is so much on my phone that poses a distraction, Emails from work, my Calendar with what’s coming up next, and games. I don’t find anything wrong with any of those apps, however, when it causes me to lose focus and stop spending time with my heavenly Father I am in real trouble! Everything on that phone all of a sudden becomes more important. Often I can hear myself talking to myself saying, “Come on Jonathan, Re-Focus”!!

Over the last few months I have found a love for Hebrews 12:1+2. Verse one in the NLT says “let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up”. So I have adapted that verse to help me come up with these Rules of Engagement…turning my phone off, grab only my Bible and journal, and find a quiet, alone place. So changing the direction of my distraction I am able to keep “my eyes on the prize — Jesus, the Champion and Perfecter of my faith”. (Hebrews 12:2 NLT)

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