I'm freaking out.

No really, I'm having a minor meltdown. Right now. At my desk at work. And it's only 8am.

I have some big projects that keep getting delayed; parts are on back order for months, people are unavailable, new problems keep arising... I have bills to pay and checks to deposit. I need to schedule, create, and post a backlog of digital content. And I have a blog to write for today's newsletter that I should have done days ago. I keep repeating my mantra: "I'm fine, it's fine, everything's fine," but it's not working...

You been there? I am there, right now.

Here's what we're going to do in this moment: We're cutting this blog short. We're taking a Pause to refocus on what really matters: God.

Follow along - I promise it will help:
  1.  Turn away from the chaos. Step away from the messy desk, the pile of laundry, or whatever it is that is tensing your muscles and making you anxious.
  2. Take a deep breath. No, it's not cliché to take deep breaths - they actually work! The additional oxygen it good for relaxing your muscles.
  3. Talk to God. Just talk. This is the easy part: your side of the conversation. Tell him what has you overwhelmed. Be open - tell him your feelings, thoughts, and actions.
  4. Listen to God. This is the hard part, but it's crucial to finding peace. Ask for his advice on your feelings, thoughts, and actions. You'll know it's God speaking if the thoughts/words you're hearing are from Scripture. Not sure you're hearing anything? Read your Bible - that's God speaking.

That's it. And here's why: If you've spent time truly listening to God and getting his take on everything you're dealing with, you're now at peace and you're calm and ready to handle all the things you can't control; with love, and kindness, and self-control. If you're not at peace, go back to step 1. Repeat as many times as necessary. And take it from me that it may take a few times of repeating to truly let go and let God.

Ok, I'm cutting this short - I need to Pause! Peace be with you (and me)!

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Caryn - November 11th, 2021 at 9:41pm

Amen, Charlene,

I too work in a setting as you described that more often than not, does not allow for completion of tasks as planned. Not too long ago, as a team we chose to pause and gather for prayer each morning (well most, as we're still practicing). The added element of the two or three gathering (and sometimes 5 or 6) has been a blessing and we definitely have celebrated God's moving throughout our days.




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