Just Turn The Page

Written by Fran Conner
The trees and lights are coming down. Decorations are put away for another year. After the fun and joy and excitement of the holidays are done, what’s next?

Are you the type to set New Year’s Resolutions? You might plan to get more organized, to lose weight or focus on your health and fitness. Maybe you resolved to spend more time in the Word or to be more disciplined in your prayer life. You have good intentions. You want to stay in a positive frame of mind this year. You hope for the best – after all, it IS a NEW Year!
At this time of year, it’s pretty dreary outside. It’s dark when I wake up and it’s usually dark or getting dark on my way home from work. I find that after a few weeks or even a few days, all those best intentions you had for the new year go right out the window. You realize it was “just ANOTHER day.” It was a time to “just turn the page.”
The calendar has changed yet some things stay the same.

My devotions so far this year have been focused on Job, who was a God loving man yet he suffered numerous attacks from Satan – with God’s permission! He had disasters among his family, his servants, his animals, his health and more. Through it all, Job suffered greatly yet he held onto HOPE – the hope that comes by keeping your eyes on God. Job trusted God.  Job trusted that no matter what happens in our life, God stays the same. In the trials, God was holding Job and God holds us today. There is comfort and peace in knowing that.

One of my favorite songs is My God is Still the Same by Sanctus Real. While the day and the month and the year have changed, our God remains the same. He never breaks His promises; His kindness never fails. He never lost His power – never has, never will. Not once did He ever stop moving; not once did He ever let go – never has, never will. Our God is still the same. So just turn the page and hold onto that HOPE in 2022.

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