New Year

Show of hands: Who normally makes a New Year's Resolution? Most of us, right? We usually commit to lose weight, move more, eat better, learn something new, etc., right?
Show of hands (again): Who has ever made it past January with that resolution?

If I'm right, most of you raised you hand for the first question, then lowered your hand for the second question. (Don't worry, I'm right there with you!)

But let me ask one more question: Why can't we seem to keep our resolutions each year for longer than a few weeks? 

I'd like to venture a guess: I think the problem is me. It's not so much what I'm resolving to do; losing weight can be good, eating better can be good, learning new things can be good. It's more about what's within me and my reason for doing it.

Think about it: Why do we choose to lose weight? Why do we choose to learn new things? Often, the reason is for our own benefit (I want to feel better, I want to get a better job). And I believe that's why we tend to fail at keeping those resolutions; they are rooted in us.

I believe that if we can take ourselves out of the equation, we'll have better success. If my intention is to honor God (1 Cor. 10:31) and to do things for others above myself (Phil. 2:3-4), then I believe God will bless my efforts (see Prov. 3).

I'm not saying we should skip the resolutions altogether (though sometimes that's needed), but instead we should re-evaluate the purpose of those resolutions. Simply ask yourself: What is my reasoning for this resolution? 
  • If I want to lose weight to feel better about myself, I need to rethink it. If I want to lose weight so that I can play with my children more, that honors God and blesses others!
  • If I want to learn new things so that I can get a raise at work (or a better job), then I may need to rethink it. If I want to learn new things so that I can use that knowledge to help others (help in news ways at work, teach Sunday School, etc.), that honors God and blesses others!

This year, I hope & pray that you will make God-honoring New Year's Resolutions, and that you will grow closer to God and others in the process. 💙

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