Written By Tami Schrock

Perspective….an interesting way of looking at the same thing in a different light.

Over these last 21 months I think most of us have looked at things in life with a new perspective either by choice or just the way it had to be. Have you ever gone to a destination as a passenger for the first time...a place you have driven many times???
Funny how you notice details that have most likely not changed. The only thing that changed was your perspective to notice details in a different angle.  
Going through life can feel the same way.  Being a parent in these times we are going through, I feel a different sense of concern and urgency that my kids do not feel.  By personality, I like to plan and be in control of the situation, but we all know that if 2020 taught us nothing else, it taught us that we can take nothing for granted.  I know for me, I now take opportunities that are available to me and do not overthink them, because I do not want to look back with regret.  

As we are approaching the start of 2022, I encourage you to go into it with a new perspective. No matter what life looks like through the year, our faith will help us to see things in a different light...with a new perspective!

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