Joy is More than a Choice.

Have you noticed an increase in the "Think Positive" messages on social media recently?
Me too!

These posts are positive in nature (obviously!), but I've begun to realize that some of these are lacking Biblical truth, which can have a negative effect on our hearts & minds!

While many of these messages are positive at first glance and are good in basic concept, I want us to think more deeply and Biblically about each message we feed our hearts & minds. As Luke 6:45 explains, the things we think about in our minds and store in our hearts will come out in our speech and actions. So let's really think through what we're reading! :)

Below is a popular positive message along with an example of how we can run it through the filter of Scripture to make sure it's sound.

Here's the message:
Choose Joy!

It sounds good, right? I'm sure we've all said it (myself included!) at one time or another. But is it Biblically sound? Below are 2 easy steps to use in seeking the truth.

Step 1:
Use a trusted Bible source (like or the Bible App) to search for the exact phrase. Is the phrase "choose joy" in the Bible?
  • If yes, done! Feast on that phrase; post it prominently as a reminder of God's Truth!
  • If no, move on to Step 2.

Step 2:
Use a Bible concordance or Bible search engine (like the sources mentioned above) to search for the subject of the phrase (in this case, it's "joy"). What does the Bible say about Joy?
  • Joy comes from the Lord (Ps. 4:7, Jn. 15:11).
  • Joy is a result of close communion with the Spirit (Gal. 5:22).
  • Joy is a proper Biblical response to various circumstances (Mt. 5:11-12, Rom. 5:3-5, Ja. 1:2)

So, after completing the above steps, is "Choose Joy" Biblical?
The quick answer is: YES!
But, as I hope you have just discovered, it's so much more than just a choice! 
It's not something we manufacture in & of ourselves! It comes from God; it is the result of staying in step with the Spirit, of being in a close relationship with Him!
And when we are filled with the Joy of the Lord, we will have the right joyful response to all the things that life hands us!

Father God,
Thank you for sharing your Joy with us! I pray for my brothers and sisters who are reading this right now. Lord, give them your joy! Draw them close so they may experience it firsthand! Help us each to make the right choices, to respond with joy whether life is hard or easy!
Thank you for all you do for us!
In Jesus' Name,

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Dave De Lau - September 29th, 2021 at 12:16pm

Thanks Doug!!




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