Spring Sharathon 1999
For Future Generations

Behind the Scenes ...

Tom Lewis with Afternoon Host Andrew Patton

Tom Lewis with Midday Host Brenda Hart

On the third day of sharathon WFRN welcomed future Morning Host Patti Foster to the microphone. Patti will begin her on-air duties on May 17th after settling in.

From a specially set up studio WFRN FM 93.7 , FM 100.1 , and FM 107.7 broadcast a special three day program on May 4th through 6th. The purpose of this program was to raise funds to purchase generators to keep WFRN on the air during storms and other power outages. When WFRN is on the air we can provide news and other information as well as uplifting music and programs. When our power goes out so does the ability to shine out encouragement.

Our goal was $28,000 - over the three day period we raised $30,204. While this amount only covers a portion of the project, we will be able to install the generators and not be concerned with power failure. We will be able to stay on the air and continue to encourage our listeners.

WFRN would like to thank those who give of themselves to support us. Whether you have donated funds or prayer to support WFRN we appreciate your help.

For more information on how you can support WFRN in prayer or financially or have a question about Sharathon, please call WFRN. (1-800-607-7980)

Thank you for your support, and especially, thanks for listening!

Phone Room Volunteers
Just a few of the folks who took your calls ...

Luanne, Jean, Sharon, and Connie

Laveta, Sherry, Carmen, and April

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