WFRN Welcomes FM 96.3 Kokomo
See also: Valparaiso, Benton Harbor, Michigan City and Marshall

Friends of Christian Radio's
NINTH community!

Friends of Christian Radio has placed it's ninth translator on the air (the sixth new translator in 19 months)! Joining their previous translators is 96.3 in Kokomo Indiana. With this station full-family Christian Radio WFRN can be heard on 14 FM frequencies across Michigan and Indiana.

Friends of Christian Radio is reaching out to listeners who cannot clearly receive full family Christian radio by rebroadcasting the signal of WFRN. The project in Kokomo provides a "boost" to listeners on the east side of Kokomo where some have had trouble receiving 93.7 FM.

We consider this station a special blessing - it was not on the original list of stations to be built. Another broadcaster was about to allow this station to go unbuilt. FCR stepped in and claimed this station to help spread Christian radio.

Now Kokomo listeners have a choice ... 93.7 FM or 96.3 FM ... to pick up the best Christian Music from WFRN!

You may notice that Marshall was FCR's seventh community and Kokomo was FCR's ninth. Here is what happened to the eighth station. FCR has been working hard to secure final sites for the "Porter County" twin stations in Portage and Chesterton. All the equipment paid for in the May Sharathon has been purchased for both stations. For now through the kindness of a local resident the Chesterton translator was placed on the air in August on 97.5 FM covering the area near Westville. Friends of Christian Radio hopes to move this translator to a tall tower in the area where residents of Chesterton and Westville will be able to receive the signal. Please pray that we will be able to get the equipment installed soon!

Keep watching for more projects to be completed by Friends of Christian Radio! You can help support the construction of more sites and sustain the efforts of Friends of Christian Radio ... Click Here to Donate.

Do you hear 96.3 in Kokomo? Tell us about it on our Comments Form or leave us a message about how the addition of this station touches your life on our listener line at 800-434-9104.