WFRN Welcomes FM 95.1 Michigan City
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Praise the Lord!

Friends of Christian Radio has placed it's fifth translator on the air! Joining their previous translators is 95.1 in Michigan City Indiana. The pictures on this page show the antennas being installed. With this station full-family Christian Radio WFRN can be heard on 10 FM frequencies across Michigan and Indiana.

Friends of Christian Radio is reaching out to listeners who cannot clearly receive full family Christian radio by rebroadcasting the signal of WFRN. The project in Michigan City reaches over 52,000 people.

Keep watching for more projects to be completed by Friends of Christian Radio!

Our tower guy installs the transmit antenna.

Ready to go! The transmit antenna (left one) is in place.

Here is the receive antenna pointed toward Elkhart.

Inside a building on the ground the equipment needed to receive the signal from 104.7 in Elkhart and retransmit it on 95.1 in Michigan City. The gray box on the top was the final piece needed to clear up the signal and get 95.1 on the air!

Do you hear 95.1 in Michigan City? Tell us about it on our Comments Form or leave us a message about how the addition of this station touches your life on our listener line at 800-434-9104.