Occasionally on WFRN we will host a sharathon. In recent years we have had sharathons for 4VEH Radio in Haiti, Cross International, The Bible League, and Compassion International. In May of 2003 we held a special sharathon for Friends of Christian Radio.

The familiar voice of Tom Lewis was joined by Jack Eason and Jim Beeler, as well as a special guest - Josh McDowell. Friends of Christian Radio raised money to support the application process for licensing 32 new repeaters to expand their Christian radio ministry. (They currently operate repeaters in Coldwater and Kalamazoo Michigan, and in Marion Indiana. You can read more about Friends of Christian Radio at their website, FriendsOfChristianRadio.com.)

One moment of fun during this sharathon was when we sent Tom Lewis to the roof.

Stay tuned for future sharathons on WFRN!

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