WFRN's Brenda Hart visits the Dominican Republic
with Compassion International
When most people think of spending a week on a Caribbean island, they think of a nice hotel with a pool and beaches full of sand. But when Brenda Hart went with Compassion International to the Dominican Republic, she saw the nation beyond the postcards ... one where one third of their population of 8.7 million are under the age of 15, where the average age is 23 and 25% of the population is below the poverty line. The poorest half of the population receives less than one-fifth of the national income, while the richest 10% enjoy nearly 40%. The Dominican Republic shares an island with Haiti, just east of Cuba. Here are a few pictures of the Dominican Republic Brenda saw ...

Brenda and the tour group ready to set out exploring

Here is a house in the Dominican Republic

Here is one of the schools

The energetic children singing and waving

In the courtyard, two jesters welcome the group

Brenda surrounded by the children

The tour group
Compassion International helps the children of the Dominican Republic, neigboring Haiti, and many other nations around the world through feeding programs that feed stomaches and souls. If you would like to help by sponsoring a child, please CLICK HERE.

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