Happy New Year World!

On January 1st, 2000 people around the world celebrated the entry into the Year 2000.

Beginning at 5am Eastern Standard Time "Y2K" came to a few tiny islands near the International Date Line. Then a few minutes later the Chatham Island of New Zealand celebrated, followed by most of the world before WFRN's broadcast listeners celebrated at Midnight EST. The last country observed Y2K on 7am Saturday, January 1st EST.)

WFRN was on the air on New Years Eve with a special program of live requested music, followed by in depth news coverage of the rollover into 2000. By the time our broadcast was underway it was obvious from results around the world that no serious problems would arise, but we were here to serve.

We hope you enjoyed our special coverage. We also prepared for Y2K by upgrading our computer systems and adding generators to all our sites. Below are pictures of our Y2K compatable audio system and generators installed this past year to keep us on the air through any storm.

The generators and computer upgrades were paid for in part by donations to Spring Sharathon 1999 "For Future Generations". A Plaque hangs in our conference room showing the names of the individuals and businesses that supported the effort.

Our New Audio Computer System
and Servers

The Elkhart Generator
(Studios, FM 104.7 and AM 1270)

The Walton Generator
(FM 93.7)

The Winamac Generator and Building (FM 100.1)
[Pictures taken before construction was completed in December 1999.]

When Y2K Came Around The World
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