Congratulations Shirley Fulton!

SHIRLEY Won the 2000 Dodge Neon!


Congratulations Matt Pollard!

MATT Won a 1994 Plymouth Voyager!

Both vehicles courtesy of

SamSon Used Car Super Center on US 33 North of Goshen
and Your Friend WFRN

Contest Photos
People in the mall.
The View for 15 days.
Contestant Bios.

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Daily Photos
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DAY ONE: Loading Up

DAY TWO: Settling In

DAY THREE: A Day of Rest

DAY FOUR: Still On The Air

DAY FIVE: A Rare Moment

DAY SIX: Visitors


DAY EIGHT: Cleaning Up

DAY NINE: More Visitors

DAY TEN: Still Going Strong

DAY ELEVEN: Still Smiling

DAY TWELVE: Even More Visitors

DAY THIRTEEN: Another Day, Another Picture

DAY FOURTEEN: Speeding Toward The Finish

DAY FIFTEEN: Are We There Yet?