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Jim the Coupon Guy's Jedi Coupon Tips
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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 7:35 am    

Jim the Coupon Guy's Jedi Coupon Tips:

1. Get several (5 or 6) copies of the coupon sheets each week. (You can get extra copies from friends/family that don't use coupons)

2. Know the rules and policies of the stores you shop at. (You can find these at their web site)

3. DON'T use a coupon just because you have it - wait for the product to go on sale.

4. DON'T shop when you're hungry.

5. DON'T buy products that aren't part of your game plan (both one of your coupons AND on sale on the shelf).

6. File your coupons (as you cut them out) according to your preference (Jim does it alphabetically) and use the coupons in the front of each file - the ones that are oldest or closest to expiring).

7. Jim's Triple Play: 1)coupon 2)on sale on shelf 3)refunds (this is the hardest but most fun part - you can find out about this on their web site)

8. Having an ORGANIZATION system is KEY.

Jim's e-mail: bigc2892@msn.com
-- you can contact Jim here if you'd like him to speak to your church group.

Jim's favorite web site: www.RefundCents.com (please use Jim's e-mail as a reference - you'll help his ministry!)
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