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Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 11:44 pm    

Today was another intense day of ministry - and not just with orphans!

Our first orphanage was with young - again, very young - women, this time mothers with babies. Again i had the opportunity in our small group to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ - and again i felt that the Lord enabled me (through an interpretor) to do so in a way that connected with the young ladies. We also are blessed with a Christian interpretor in Peru named Julie who has a passion for these kids. I am excited that she is coming on full time very soon with Shoes For Orphans Souls and will probably be with WFRN listeners on the November trip! I connected with two young mothers (they are mothers, but they also crave a relationship with a father figure, for they are also orphans) named Evelyn (her baby is Alex) and Gladia (her baby is Justin). I was able to give them my e-mail - they do have basic e-mail access on a very limited basis on one office computer here - please pray that they communicate with me, so that i can encourage them.

Our second orphanage was with boys and girls ages three to twelve. These kids are so precious. They were very excited about the story of Jesus, and we all connected very well. One little named Jenecia absolutely stole (and broke) my heart. She is probaby four or five. She has a little sister named Brista, and i felt an incredible urge to want to adopt them (though, understandable, the mission is open to facilitating adoption by single women but not single men). This story has a happy ending, though - i found they have a mother who is not able to take care of them fully, so they stay here and she visits frequently - so these were rare non-orpans on our visits this week. Praise God! I was asked by the mission directors to pray at our leaving for all 100+ children, and again i felt that the Lord gave me just the right words for little ears - all glory to God!

One special extra note - i really had a great opportunity to connect closely and converse with one of our interpretors who is NOT a Christian (yet!) - a 21-year old university student who is very sharp. i like him a lot and i believe he can be a great leader for God to make a huge difference here in Peru and even around the world - but first he has to choose to give his life to Jesus Christ. IŽll talk more about this on the air when i get back, of course - but for now please pray for Eric from Lima, Peru. I think god is working on him!

Early tomorrow we leave for Cuscos, high in the Andes - there are orphans there too, and even more destitute, from what iŽm told. i donŽt know if weŽll have an internet, or even phone connections - so I may not be able to communicate before iŽm back on Monday. God knows about it, of course - and if i can, then Lord willing i will.

Love and blessings from Peru - IŽll talk to you soon!
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