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Day 3 in Peru!
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Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 6:54 pm    

today was the first day that we went to more than one orphanage. both were all boys (these boys are starved for male affection - i felt like a sponge in a bathtub, and i thank God for the ability to use that to sow more of Jesus and how real He is into their life).

the first orphanage was young boys age ten to twelve. these boys were immediately open to us (you know how there´s that window to reach into their heart that often closes up a bit when they approach teenhood - i think the window might last a bit longer in an orphanage in peru than with an american teenager). Their was one boy named Brusli that i connected with in particular. I had a chance to share the message of the Gospel through an interpretor, and by the grace of God was very able to do so from a child´s perspective. Several children prayed to give their life to Jesus. Before i left, there was one child named Isaac (pronounced [ee-zahk´]) who i felt showed real raw leadership ability (hard to explain the way you sense it in a child, you know?) and he was very enthusiastic about Jesus, and so i spoke with him through an interpretor very specifically to tell him that i think he will be a great leader for Jesus in Peru one day, and i can´t wait to find out. i felt that God layed that on my heart - time, and the Lord, and Isaac´s choices, will tell the rest of the story.

The second orphanage was a home for boys who until recently have been on the street, with no family or home - abandoned - and in many cases on cheap but often damaging drugs made from shoe glue. These boys were older - teens - and half of our small group made decisions for Christ. Again, i felt prompted by the Lord and connected with Julio and Jorge, and encouraged them with a vision of future leadership for Christ and prayed with them - and because they were older, exchanged e-mails.

Love and blessings - more tomorrow,ç

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