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Day 2 for Doug in Peru
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Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 12:58 am    

hi everybody, its the end of only the second day of our mission trip, and so much has happened that it already feels like weve been here for a week! This is both challenging and fun.

This morning we had a private audience with the Primera Dama (First Lady) of Peru! She shared about all of the things they are doing to help the poor children of rural Peru - which, praise God, includes being very open to missions like Shoes For Orphans Souls, working with WFRN.

We went to an orphanage today for little babies and toddlers - about half of whom have special physical needs and-or special mental needs. i was very happy for these children that they get to be in a Christian orphanage - but my heart was torn out by little Isaiah, who is three and has distinct special needs challenges - my guess is that he is autistic. It was hard for him to connect, but I held him and whispered to him that Jesus loves him ("Jesus Christo te ama, Isaiah" [Ee-saw-ee-uh]) and helped him walk - he loves to walk and walk and walk, but he has to be held up by his little arms. i thought of my own three-year old nephew, Nathan, and i wept over and over again as i spent time with him. i will never forget Isaiah, and it crushed me to say goodbye to him. i also got to play with little two-year old Maximo. Maximo seemed to have milder special mental needs - he loves to play and be swung and spun and lifted high - just like my own nephews - and Maximo laughed and laughed every time and never got tired of it - and if i could have i would have never stopped. it was very hard to leave there. i am crying right now as i share this with you and relive it.

i am exhausted and will share more in the morning when i call vincy, Lord willing. i am excited that some members of the WFRN listening family will have the chance to go on this same trip in November.

Love and blessings,

p.s. i was pulled up on stage tonight to partake in an "amazon fire dance" tonight at dinner and several members of our group captured it on film. Even though this could mean the end of my radio career Smile still i cant wait to get back and post it at wfrn.com and share it with you. its hilarious! (i thought id have to stop, drop and roll!)
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