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Hello from Doug in Peru!
Doug & Vincy
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Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 10:47 pm    

hi everybody! this peruvian keyboard is very different and hard to use, and the light in this room is very low, so forgive me for not capitalizing much or using proper punctuation.

we got into lima late last night and met everybody in the group, wonderful group of Christian people here. today we visited the santa rosa orphanage for young teen mothers who have been abused. it breaks my heart for the tragedy they have experienced, but at the same time it fills my heart with joy to know that out of this tragedy, they get to know about Jesus. we played games with them, prayed with them, did Bible crafts, and gave them new shoes. the shoes mean a lot to all of them, because without the mission work of Shoes For Orphans Souls they would not have decent protection for their feet. i took lots of pictures and short video and tomorrow iŽll try to call in and talk to vincy and all of you.

blessings in the Name of our Savior!

p.s. im quite excited, i just got my picture taken with the peruvian paul mccartney, a young guy from peru who looks amazingly like sir paul from the beatles. heŽs not an entertainer or anything, he was just sitting in the hotel lobby when i got back from supper. iŽll show you as soon as i can!
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