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Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 9:21 am    

Doug is going on a missions trip to Peru, to visit with some little Peruvian Orphans! He'll be gone all next week, and I'll miss him along with everyone else.....so I thought we'd have some fun before he left!

Trivia Questions about Peru (that I got to ask Doug)...just to make sure he knows his "stuff" Smile This quiz was multiple choice, but we'll just give you the answers.....

1. How is the Peruvian dish generally prepared with fish or seafood called? A: Ceviche

2. The colours of the Peruvian flag are similar to those of which other country? A: Canada

3. What is the Peruvian currency called? A: nuevo sol ("solays")

4. Which city is the capital of Peru? A: Lima

5. Peru borders which ocean? A: Pacific

6. T/F: Potatoes are believed to be originated from Peru. A: True

7. What is the official language of Peru? A: Quechua (though Spanish is the mostly widely spoken)

8. How many inhabitants does Peru currently have? A: 27 million

9. T/F: Peru's national holiday is on the 31st of July. A: False (it's on July 28th, when they won their indepenence from Spain)

10. T/F: There is a lot of vegetation in the Peruvian coastal plains. A: False

3 Questions from Andy from the Blue Gate:

1. What other legume (besides potatoes) come from Peru? A: Lima beans!

2. Who discovered Machu Pichu (the Lost City of the Incans)? A: Hiram Bingham

3. How do the bride and the groom in a Peruvian wedding show that they are officially married? A: They exchange sandals!
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