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Doug's Poem: Welcome To The Party, Pulaski County!
Doug & Vincy
WFRN Air Staff
Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:54 am    

Welcome to the party, Pulaski!
I've always heard that you're such a nice guy, Pulaski
Population: 13,755
South of LaPorte and Michigan City and west of...the Atlantic seaside
You're name after Polish hero Kazimierz Pulaski
America might not be here if Kazzy didn't know how to ride
Cavalry horses - he trained George Washington to turn the tide
That's cavalry - not calvary - calvary's where Jesus died
That's Jesus - not Kazimierz - the Siege of Savannah is where Kazzy died
But unlike Kazzy Pulaski three days later Jesus rose and now He's alive
Some of the towns where Pulaski County denizens reside:
Francesville, Medaryville, Monterey, Winamac, and Star City
We know that you guys tend to pronounce your County Pulaska, not Pulaski,
But that's okay - everybody has a wild - side
Welcome to the Eastern Standard Time party, Pulaski
Now you Pulaski kids will miss some of your favorite TV shows because there at a later - time
But the good news is..........uhm.......okay, there is no good - side
But always know, no matter what time zone you ever de-cide
You'll always be part of the WFRN Family - Pula-ski
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