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"I Will Remember, November" - by Doug Moore
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Posted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 8:22 am    

Ode to November - by Doug Moore

Dear November,

You are cooler than September - but we wonít hold that against you.
Your coolness is a gift from God - a golden buffer, preparing our senses for change
like a preface to the Great Book of Winter, holding unopened surprises within its frosty pages.

And as we place you back upon the shelf of seasons, we mind this too, November,
that you are yet warmer than December - You, once thought frigid, but soon remembered warmly for your temperance.

You brought us the Giving of Thanks, amidst the Gathering of Friends and those we hold most dear - and for that we thank you, November. You helped us remember how rich we are, even as you became impoverished - unloading and losing the weight of everything around you. Thank you, November, for Thanksgiving.

You helped hard-working neighborhood leaf rakers earn a few more dollars of love to add to their Christmas giving lists - drops of sweat and toil and dross, soon rendered into drops of gold within their own families - little multitudes of magi with their hard-earned gifts of love. None of them lived near my house - and yet, I remember.

Most of all, November - I will always remember....More than anything, November, I will always remember....I will always remember....what you did to my lawn.

Look what you did to my lawn! What were you thinking??? You werenít thinking, thatís the problem. You dumped literally swimming pools full of leaves all over my yard. Dead, wet, stinking leaves. Who does that?? Evidently you do, November. Way to go.. If some guy down the street did that, Iíd press charges. I mean, come on - thatís practically vandalism, you know?

So I will remember, November. I will not forget - I will find you. You can run, but you canít hide, you sorry excuse for a month. Jesus can forgive, but a yard owner doesnít forget. So watch your back, November - because one of these days, when you turn around, Iíll be there. When you least expect it - oh yes, Iíll be there, November. I will always remember, November.

ďAn Ode to November, by Doug MooreĒ
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